has more than 25 years of sculpting experience in the areas of decorative hardware, fine collectibles, jewelry, wood, and stone carving in the best traditions of Contemporary Fine Art.

For our model sculpting, we prefer to use hard, green jewelry wax, which is superior material to produce top quality originals.

The advantage of using hard wax for sculpting of the highly detailed prototypes in comparison to any other material is that wax is a very forgiving material.  It can tolerate any shape or form, can be machined, hand tooled or carved, molded or outright cast by applying both investment or sand casting techniques. At the same time, one must be a very skilled artist in order to achieve the ultimate results when working with hard wax.

In addition to the sculpting services, CARVAX can provide such services as:

      bullet New concept designing
      bullet Sketch drawing, including 2-D and 3-D CAD modeling
      bullet Laser scanning of existing designs creating STL (stereolithography) formats
          and making exact or different size copies by using rapid prototyping procedures
      bullet Rubber mold making
      bullet Casting in: Gold, platinum, Sterling silver, bronze, brass, stainless steel, pewter
                         “cold cast bronze”, resin, concrete and fiberglass
      bullet Stone setting
      bullet Engraving
      bullet Finishing, polishing and patinating

Our mission is to provide superior workmanship at reasonable rates. The projects depicted in this website represent a sampling of our experience.

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